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Recontained's 2019 Zero Waste Holiday Gift Guide

by Britt Kagan 27 Nov 2019 0 Comments

Written by Jennifer S. Li


The holiday season seems to come earlier and earlier each year—we saw Christmas decorations while shopping for our Halloween costumes (thrifted, to reduce our consumption and impact, of course!) back in October! But here at Recontained, we actually don’t mind it one bit, because it simply gives us more time to be thoughtful—to both our planet and to our family and friends. Below, find Recontained’s 2019 Zero-Waste Gift Guide, in categories to fit any budget. Stop by our Abbot Kinney store and say hello while you shop or do your shopping online with us!




Dream Creme, $11.50 and up

Soft, fluffy, whipped and ultra-moisturizing, our Dream Creme is exactly as it sounds and makes a great gift for anyone on your list. We love holiday cheer and the winter season, but the downsides are the rough skin patches, cracking cuticles, and other dry skin ailments. Our Dream Cream is the solution to making sure that the holidays are enjoyable and not spent itching, scratching, and suffering through skin issues. Gift this and make sure you let the special recipient know to come back to Recontained with their Dream Cream container for a zero-waste refill!


 Miracle Lip Salve, $11.75 and up

If you’ve got a friend that’s got a lip balm for every purse, bag, and pocket, the Miracle Lip Salve is your gifting solution. Made from pure organic mango butter and nothing else, the salve also works as an overall moisturizer in a pinch. It’s lip-smacking good, and even better, they can swing through Recontained for a zero-waste refill.


 Tea Infuser and Tea, $6 and up

A thoughtful gift for the tea lover in your life is our charming tea infusers and our house tea blends. Our hand-blended teas come in two delicious flavors: Vanilla Lemongrass is a bright, warm, almost spiced flavor, great for mornings or an afternoon pick-me-up; Peach Lavender Rose is delightfully floral and fruity. Not only will your loved one enjoy a cozy cup of tea, they can feel good knowing that they skipped the tea bags, plastic wrappers, plastic tags, strings or other waste.


 Rock soaps, $14

Our gem-shaped soaps sparkle and shine before, after, and during use, adding a clean sheen to your hands or body. Pair with our soap bag which catches all the little tidbits of remaining soap so that every last bit of the precious “gem” can be used up, leaving no waste whatsoever. Added bonus: the fully functional soap bag is also a fun way to present your gift.


 To-go utensil set, $24

Americans use 100,000,000 million pieces of plastic cutlery everyday (source: Plastic Pollution Coalition). If you’ve got a foodie in your family that likes to hit up the latest food truck, taco stand, or pop-up food event, help them reduce their single-use dependency with our high quality, reusable utensils. We promise the food will taste even better knowing that your culinary experience isn’t harming our planet Earth!


 Straw set, $4 and up

Americans use 500 million plastic straws each and every day (source: National Geographic), littering our beaches and harming seabirds, sea turtles and other marine life. Help a loved one skip the plastic straw with one of our beautiful colored or clear glass straws or metal gold or rose gold straws. Better yet, grab a whole set, shake up the cocktails, and get the party started!


 Que Water bottle $20-25

A staggering 1 million plastic bottles are purchased per minute, 91% of which are not recycled (source: Forbes). If you still have someone in your life that drinks out of plastic water bottles, tell them to get a clue, or, better yet, get them a Que—water bottle that is! These silicone reusable water bottles are stylish and functional. They come in a range of fashion-forward colors and collapse to save space or expand to hold more liquid on extra thirsty days. 


 Bee’s Wrap $12-20

Bee’s Wraps are the efficient, eco-friendly replacement for plastic wrap or other disposables clogging up oceans and landfills. If you have a friend that loves cooking, or heck, just eating, these are a great way to help a baker store a loaf of bread or a cheese-lover securely store their favorite fromage in the fridge. Made from canvas and natural beeswax, the warmth of your hand helps to securely mold the wraps around any food or container for a nearly airtight seal. After a few years of use, when the wax has worn off, cut up the fabric for easy compost in your backyard bin. (Or, pair a rubber band with the wax-free wrap for waste-free way to store a sandwich, fruit, or a Christmas cookie.)


 Toasted Sun Coconut Body Scrub, price varies

Smelling of coconut, freshly baked cookies, and a sunny vacation rolled into one, our Toasted Sun Coconut Body Scrub is an affordable but thoughtful gift for anyone that might need more self-care in their life. Pair it with one of our Calypso wide mouth jars or our Genie recycled flint glasses for a truly tropical touch in the middle of holiday and winter season. Tell them that if they love it—and how could they not—they can refill it at Recontained!


 "Let’s See That Smile" Zero Waste Starter Kit $24

Did you know that a billion toothbrushes are tossed annually, often ending up on beaches and oceans (source: National Geographic)? And that discarded dental floss can choke and suffocate precious marine life? We could go on with the bad news, but instead we’d like to present you with a handy, cheerful solution: presenting, the “Let’s See That Smile” Zero Waste Starter Kit! Each kit comes with everything you need to start a zero waste dental hygiene regimen: David's Toothpaste (Peppermint or Charcoal, in a full recyclable tube), white color dipped compostable bamboo toothbrush, and a Lucky Teeth Bamboo Floss 2-pack.



 Rx Large 17-oz candle, $30

The sisters behind Rx Candles hand-make each and every single one of their candles along with a couple of employees in Los Angeles. Their luxurious, 17-ounce, 100% soy wax candles are priced affordably, especially for such a large candle that boasts approximately 100 hours of burning time. All of their scents are unique and smell amazing, but for the holiday season, we’d particularly recommend Homme, Lavender Oak or Fresh Fig. Come into the shop and smell for yourself! What to do with the jar when you're done? Drop it by and we'll pass it back to Rx to reuse! 


 Dot Menstrual Cup, $34

As we come closer to ringing in the new year, let’s resolve to ditch unwieldy tampons and pads and stop sticking plastic into our most precious of parts, shall we? In the U.S. alone, 5.8 billion tampons were purchased in 2018 (source: National Geographic). The Dot Menstrual Cup is an incredibly thoughtful and personal gift for any woman wanting to reduce her waste in all aspects of her life. Made in the U.S.A. out of FDA-approved medical grade silicone and providing at least 10-years of period protection, the Dot takes some getting used to (not unlike learning to insert a tampon, though without the waste), but once you’ve got the hang of it, your time of the month will be much more streamlined.


Small Space Style  Small Space Style, $29

Speaking of streamlining, if you know anyone that’s been Marie Kondo-ing their home or wanting to simplify their life, Small Space Style by Whitney Leigh Morris reminds us “…you don’t need to live large to live beautifully.” There are hundreds of tips in here they will help your loved one live their best life and make the most of their abode.


 Blue Bottle Love, $30 and up

These Italian blue glass water bottles were created by Kayden Radhe in Maui, Hawaii out of her deep respect and connection to the element and precious resource of water. The gasket top is leak-proof and due to the unique materials and design, the water it contains will remain more oxygenated compared to other water bottles. It’s a thoughtful, meaningful choice for a host or hostess gift on your holiday party circuit!


 "Keep It Clean" Zero Waste Kit $44

The "Keep It Clean" Zero Waste Kit is a great way to introduce anyone in your life that’s expressed curiosity in developing a more conscious lifestyle, especially in the realm of laundry. The kit comes with everything to create the ultimate zero waste laundering experience: 3 organic wool dryer balls, package-free stain stick, 16oz Amber Glass Bottle of Unscented Laundry Detergent (add your own choice of essential oil in our store for a personal, unique touch), Eco-Coconut scourer, Three Bluebirds Swedish Dish Cloth (replaces 17 rolls of paper towels), and All Surface Multi-Purpose Spray in 8oz Amber Glass Bottle w/Trigger Spray. All of this comes packaged in a large, muslin bag that can be reused again and again at the grocery store, farmer’s market or for washing small delicates like lingerie and baby socks. 




 Leaf Shaver, $79 and up

The Leaf is an incredibly luxurious shaving experience, and not only does the three-blade pivoting head feel amazing on your face, legs, or bikini line as you get that close, precise shave, but you can also feel great about reducing your waste with this reusable, completely plastic-free razor. Available in multiple finishes. 


 Original Rainbow Tote, $68 and up

Whether you’re headed to work or into the weekend, our Original Rainbow Tote helps you schlep everything stylishly—from daily essentials, to farmer’s market goodies, to a weekend getaway. The totes are made from deadstock, which means no new resources or energy went into the making of the materials, and that the fabrics were saved from going into the landfill. Over 200 million items of clothing are sent to landfills every year and the global fashion industry accounts for more than 4% of the world’s waste and harmful emissions (source: Forbes). With The Original Rainbow Tote, you can carry your belongings to and fro with a clear conscience.


 Elevate Jane Handblown Glass Pipe, $65 and up

This cheeky but elegant pipe is in the shape of a curvaceous pinup and features 23 karat gold on her, well, anatomical accents, shall we say. Handblown individually and locally in downtown LA, no single pipe is exactly the same—a truly unique gift!


 Cotton Robes and Towels, $34-59

The lightweight Turkish bath towels from Fashion by Cultures are highly absorbent—much more so than a thick plush towel, and much easier to throw into your bag for a picnic, beach day, or outdoor movie night. Long, Turkish cotton fibers are spun into a thin yarn that is then woven to maximize the number of total loops—more loops means more areas for water to be retained. Because the towels are so thin and airy, they also dry quickly. It’s the ideal gift for someone that loves baths, hot tubs, swimming in the ocean or pool, or soaking their body in some other body of water!


 "The Starter Pack" Zero Waste Kit, $59

Our Zero Waste Starter Kit is a general dive into living more sustainably. It’s got a large mesh produce bag for grocery store shopping, a red mesh produce tote for carrying everything from your farmer’s market haul to beach day essentials, white dipped bamboo toothbrush, a gold metal “straight up” straw, a skinny straw cleaner, a reusable sandwich-sized Stasher bag, and a Beeswax Assorted 3-Pack. This is a great gift that allows someone you care for to in turn care for our planet and our future.

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