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Our sun m⚭n rain bracelets are cleansed to rid the stones from any impurities or negativity that they could have been subjected to as well as to rebalance & recharge the stones energies. We harbour the power of Mother Nature in our cleansing process and simply leave them outside overnight to bath in the moonlight or out in the morning to soak up the sun's positive energy. We recommend doing the same every now and then, especially powerful to fo during full moon's and new moon's.

A stone of strength, Agate rebalances & harmonizes the body, mind & spirit. Cleanses & stabilizes the aura, eliminating and transforming negativity. Enhances creativity & strengthens the intellect. Assists with the acceptance of all things.
A stone of soothing, it reduces stress & calms the soul. Enhances love & communication. Balances Yin & Yang, awakens compassion & increases perception. Releases fear.
A stone of protection, Amethyst works in the emotional, spiritual, & physical planes to provide calm, balance, patience, & peace. Activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition & enhances psychic abilities. Strong healing & cleansing powers. Calms and stimulates the mind & encourages selflessness & spiritual wisdom.
A stone of truth & communication, Aquamarine accelerates the intellectual reasoning process. Quiets the mind, inspires calmness & clarity & facilitates self-expression. Sharpens intuition & invokes a high state of consciousness & spiritual awareness.
A stone of prosperity, Aventurine brings good luck, attracts abundance & wealth. Promotes compassion & empathy, encourages perseverance, stimulates perception & enhances creativity. Calm’s emotion’s & gives inner equilibrium.
Black Tourmaline
A stone of protection, black tourmaline dispels negativity externally & purifies negative thoughts & internal conflicts, turning them into positive energy. Powerful grounding stone providing self-confidence & power. Channels healing light.
Blue Apatite
A stone of spirituality, it cleanses the mind removing confusion, apathy or negativity. Supports manifestation & stimulates the intellect. Promotes independence & ambition. Improves concentration & memory. Opens & heals the throat chakra facilitation communication.
A stone for stabilizing, carnelian restores vitality & motivation, & stimulates creativity. Powerful for focusing, realization & self-actualization. Gives courage, promotes positive life choices & motivates for success. Improves analytic abilities & clarifies perception.
Cherry Quartz
A stone of energy, cherry quartz is a powerful healing stone & helps in emotional balancing. Good for concentration, dissipates tension & aids spiritual growth. Cleanses negativity & brings feelings of peace & love.
A stone of success, citrine promotes prosperity & abundance. Awakens the mind, creates clarity & increases knowledge of the self. Protects against negative thoughts & energy. Promotes motivation, activates creativity & encourages self-expression.
A stone that quiets the emotions, coral brings peace to within the self. Facilitates intuition, imagination & visualization. Expedites & accelerates the transfer of knowledge. Strengthens the ability of foresight.
Crystal Quartz
A stone known as the "master healer," crystal quartz balances, harmonizes & revitalizes the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual planes. Amplifies & transforms energies. Powerfully protective. Increases & clarifies intuition. Strengthens spiritual growth & enlightenment.
A stone of passion, garnet revitalizes, purifies and balances energy, bringing serenity or vibrancy. Inspires love and devotion, enhances sensuality & intimacy. Attracts people to the wearer. Sparks creativity, brings good fortune. Heals broken bonds of love.
Green Garnet
A stone of manifestation, it helps turn visions into reality. Enhances one’s will & abilities. Stimulates fertility. Creates confidence & motivation. Stabilizes energies. Encourages prosperity. Opens & heals the heart chakra bringing in love.
Grey Moonstone
A stone of perceiving, grey moonstone is a powerful to see more than what the human can. Powerful in magnifying intention, assists in manifestations. Soothes & stabilizes emotions, promotes success, good fortune in love & business.
A stone of the mind, hematite grounds & protects us. Stimulates concentration & focus, enhances memory & original thought. Strengthens our connection with the earth, bringing security & safety. Endows courage, endurance & vitality.
A stone of Serenity & Purity, jade soothes the mind, releasing negative thoughts. Increases love & nurturing. Attracts good luck & protects. Facilitates peace & harmony between the mental, physical, emotional & spiritual planes.
A stone of stabilization, jasper is the "supreme nurturer" & empowers . It supports through times of stress & brings tranquility & wholeness. Absorbs negative energy, balances yin/yang. Stimulates imagination & transforms ideas into action.
A stone of transformation, labradorite imparts strength & perseverance. Balances & protects the aura, raises consciousness & grounds spiritual energies. Reveals the truth behind illusions & banishes fears and insecurities. Stimulates the imagination & calms an overactive mind.
Lapis Lazuli
A stone of wisdom, lapis lazuli brings peace & deeper understanding. Encourages self-awareness & self-acceptance. Inspires creativity & truth in communication. Stimulates good judgment, intellectual ability & enhances memory.
Lemon Quartz
A stone of good luck, lemon quartz brings in abundance & money. Enhances clarity & creativity, dispels negative thoughts & eliminates self-doubt, anxiety & depression. Balances & strengthens communication.
A stone of protection, malachite absorbs & releases negative energies & experiences. Opens the heart to unconditional love & enhances intuition. Brings harmony, encourages change & emotional risk-taking. Aids creativity & helps re-balance the heart chakra.
A stone of Divine Love, morganite attracts & reawakens love, maintaining it & making it grow. Opens & clears the mind, encourages loving thoughts & actions. Reduces stress & removes resistance to healing. Brings inner peace & strength.
Mother of Pearl
A stone of protection, mother-of-pearl relieves stress bringing the gentle healing power of the sea. Soothes emotions to become harmonious & balanced. Stimulates imagination, intuition & adaptability.
A stone of protection, onyx defends against negativity. Promotes harmony in relationships. Relives grief & strengthens confidence. Increases concentration. Encourages happiness & good fortune.
A stone of inspiration, opal enhances imagination & creativity. Acts as a prism within the aura, bringing a full spectrum of Light energy to the system, soothing and clearing the emotional body. Enkindles optimism & enthusiasm. Releases inhibitions inspiring love & passion.
Peach Moonstone
A stone of soothing, peach moonstone supports the heart as it stimulates the mind. Stabilizes emotions and calms. Enhances creativity, positive perception & intuition. Heals wounds.
A stone of serenity, pearls promotes a calming effect to the mind. Associated with lunar energy it brings truth to situations & encourages loyalty, purity & centeredness. Enhances focus, integrity & helps connect with ones “inner goodness."
A stone of compassion, peridot opens, cleanses & activates the heart leading to joy & new relationships. Brings abundance & prosperity. Enhances confidence, motivates growth & change. Sharpens the mind to new levels of awareness.
A stone of cleansing, pietersite removes negativity to aid one to create change & transformation. Links consciousness to the spiritual to engage an energetic connection to one’s deeper spiritual inner self. Increases intuitive abilities.
Pink Tourmaline
A stone of love, it brings love, joy & happiness. Draws in a higher spiritual energy, encouraging compassion & gentleness. Stimulates creativity. Stabilizes moods. Stimulates the crown chakra, facilitating a connection with the higher divinity.
A stone of protection, pyrite shields & protects against all forms of negative vibrations and energy. Stimulates the intellect, inspires creativity & enhances memory. Provides energy, power & safety.
A stone of stabilization, quartzite encourages positive changes by anchoring them in your metaphysical and subtle bodies. Calms an over-active mind. Helps re-establish spiritual focus & provides balance.
Rainbow Moonstone
A stone of new beginnings, rainbow moonstone promotes inner peace, growth & strength. Soothes & stabilizes the emotions as it purifies & transforms negativity. Heals emotional wounds, promotes inspiration, success & good fortune in love & business.
A stone of compassion, rhodonite nurtures love & activates the heart. Clears emotional wounds & encourages self-love. Balances Yin-Yang, aids in achieving one’s highest potential. Promotes calmness & builds confidence.
Rose Quartz
A stone of universal love, rosé quartz opens the heart to self, romantic, platonic & family love. Brings unconditional love, trust & harmony into relationships. Encourages forgiveness & helps letting go of anger, resentment & jealousy.
Rutilated Quartz
A stone of spiritual growth, rutilated quartz illuminates the soul. Cleanses & energizes the aura & draws out negative vibrations. Attracts love & stabilizes relationships. Protects against the ill thoughts of others.
A stone of creativity, sandstone helps build & strengthen the mind. Brings cohesiveness & solidarity within relationships. Encourages truth, promotes clarity in thought & sight. Facilitates change & balances reality.
Seven Chakras
Chakras are the 7 energy centers in our body that run from the base of our spine to the top of the head. The amethyst, blue agate, turquoise, green agate, citrine, carnelian & garnet corresponds to these chakras & helps balance, re-energize & heal those areas. The clear crystal quartz harmonizes all the chakra & gemstone energies.
Smoky Quartz
A stone of serenity, smoky quartz removes negativity & transforms it to positive energy. Comforting & calming, it instills balance & harmony. Helps elevates moods & relieves stress. Grounds & protects, it brings good luck, prosperity & abundance.
A stone of the head & heart, sodalite balances both bringing inner peace. Calms the mind & encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth, intuition & verbalization of feelings. Enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust.
A stone of high energy, it brings in positivity & repels negativity. Attracts prosperity. Enhances intellectual power. Alleviates forgetfulness & stress. Brings calm. Cleanses & detoxifies emotionally, mentally & physically, bringing clarity, peace & healing.
Tigers Eye
A stone of protection, tigers eye brings inner calm & stability. Focuses the mind, promoting mental clarity & insight. Balancing Yin-Yang & energizing the emotional body. Known to bring good luck. Strengthens convictions & confidence.
Tourmalines relate to each of the chakras as they clear, maintain and stimulate each of the energy centers. Pink ones promote joy & love, blue activates ones intuition, brown ones cleanses the aura, green opens the heart & inspires creativity, black ones dispels negativity & protects and yellow stimulate spiritual development & strengthens the body & spirit.
A stone of protection & purification, turquoise dispels negative energy & clears the mind. Strengthens intuition, increases independence. Promotes self-realization. Preserves friendship & promotes romantic love & harmony.
Volcanic Rock
A stone of grounding, volcanic rock helps find focus & brings balance to our center. Harnessing the primal energy of Mother Earth, it brings strength & enhances fertility. Helps dissipate anger & provide guidance & understanding.