At sun moon rain, we want to protect the environment & the world we live in. That’s why we made it our mission to create an easy alternative to the single-use plastic that is so dramatically overflowing landfills, our oceans & waterways. By offering sustainable & stylish everyday consumables, everyone can make better choices. Together, we can be kinder to nature : use:reuse:recycle:repeat 


Refill your clean containers with a range of mindfully sourced, quality driven products. We’ve partnered with USA based labs to ensure that our products are healthy, safe & cruelty free.

sun moon rain also offers our very own high-quality glass & re-cycled plastic  bottles that you can bring back & refill time & time again.

We believe in transparency and accountability. That’s why we always provide a full list of ingredients for our all products, never selling something we wouldn’t use on ourselves & family.

Our mission is to create a waste-free cycle for your personal care, home cleaning products, pet's & lifestyle accessories/jewelry.

We also believe in supporting our linked-minded community. That’s why we also offer & promote our favorite, sustainable products in our stores, so that you can easily achieve the eco-lifestyle you're striving for.



sun moon rain offers a range of sustainable lifestyle accessories such as swedish dishcloths, reusable "un-paper" towels, bamboo brushes, natural sea sponges, recycled teak & natural stone soap & lotion bar dishes, water bottles & alternatives to plastic wraps to ensure your home is also reducing your carbon footprint efficiently.


sun moon rain's jewelry collection is handcrafted combining modern designs with the power & purity of semi-precious stones & crystals. Our aim is to spread positivity energy & healing, bringing optimism & empowerment to everyone.

At the heart of our ethos is the wellness of our planet & to ensure all our stones are conflict-free & sourced ethically. We use natural organic cotton pouches & recycled paper, always ensuring Mother Nature is respected.

Combining enchantment with elegance, the collections are about the things that inspire our founder Shabnam Melwani on her journey : from love, family (especially her sons, Zach & Luca), friendship & spirituality to yoga, fashion, interior/architecture, art, travel & nature. Each piece blends the belief in the power of gemstones with an appreciation of all things chic.

The main collection's signature bracelets feature a mix of stones & crystals with 18k gold vermeil nuggets, perfect for both personal use or as a meaningful gift. Each each bracelet comes with a tag that explains the stone's powers, as well as a beautifully designed pouch, to keep it safe. We use organic threads for sustainability, durability & size flexibility. 

Our Earth Collection is fully sustainable using only crystals & natural elements combined with recycled & upcycled components from melted old & pots & pans, taking something discarded & making something something beautiful from them.

We hope that thorough our retail & on-line store, you will be inspired to make smarter choices that will make our planet a cleaner, greener one for ourselves & future generations to come.

With positivity always,

Shabnam Melwani