Red Aventurine & Green Agate Friendship Band

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Summer is all about sun celebration for SunMoonRain: bright, bold colours, the ocean, the beach and treasured times with friends and family. The new vibrant arm swags from the BohoLuxe’collection embody that free-spiritedness of the season. It’s Talitha Getty-meets-Coachella.

A new addition to the label’s classic signature bracelet collection is the more casual, fun-loving friendship bracelet. Hand-woven with organic bamboo cotton, the SMR friendship bracelets are given a positivity boost with healing energy beads incorporated. Mix and match them into a pretty stack for that perfect boho-chic vibe. Or make them special gifts for friends who have a flower child in them.

This combination includes Red Aventurine & Green Agate, with a silver sunflower clasp. Length 17cm.

Stone Qualities

Aventurine - A stone of prosperity, it brings good luck, attracts abundance & wealth. Promotes compassion & empathy, encourages perseverance, stimulates perception & enhances creativity. Calm's emotion's & gives inner equilibrium. 

Agate - A stone of strength, it rebalances & harmonizes the body, mind & spirit.  Cleanses & stabilizes the aura, eliminating and transforming negativity.  Enhances creativity & strengthens the intellect. Assists with the acceptance of all things.