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We can't get enough of this delicious cashew milk that Tonia, one of our co-founders, always whips up for our early morning meetings. We asked her to share her recipe so that we can enjoy it outside of the office... we think you might like it too! Let us know in the comments what tweaks you make to turn this recipe into your own! #iAmRecontained
So for the cashew milk, I started out with a basic recipe off the internet and then I modified to for my taste and added Cortas Lebanese Rosewater because I love rose and wanted to add that flavor. Everyone I share this with loves it and my family asks me to make it every time they visit. 
1 cup raw organic cashews
3 1/2 cups water
1/3 cups cortas rosewater
3 pitted dates 
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 pinch salt 
You start with whole, raw cashews. I buy them in bulk using my Recontained muslin bag. You should sprout the cashews for at least four hours. Sprouting makes the nuts easier to digest and allows for better nutrient absorption. I like to get the full effect here so I sprout mine over night. To sprout, simply soak the nuts in good dinking water. Make sure that the top layer of nuts is submersed. When ready, strain, rinse and put in blender. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend on high for at least two minutes. The longer your nuts are sprouted, the easier they blend. You may want to run your milk through a cheese cloth, fine mesh strainer, nut bag, etc. I don’t do that because I like the texture of the unstrained milk. 
Now the fun part is you can do all sorts of things from here. If you like a sweeter milk, add more dates or you can skip the dates and use honey or agave. Use more or less salt to taste. Don’t like cinnamon? Try using come cardamom, cloves or ginger. You can also play with the water to make thicker or thiner to your particular preference. If you make the milk and it thickens up a little too much, just add some water and shake it up in what ever container you’ve got it in. This recipe can also be transformed into a delicious cream for cakes or other sweets. Adding some fresh minced lavender and reducing the water for a thick and creamy topping is one of my favorite alterations. Play, have fun and enjoy the deliciousness you create. 

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  • In a word or maybe two. SO GOOD !

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